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Apilus Platinum Pure

Electrolysis hair removal using the top rated Apilus Platinum Pure. The Apilus Platinum Pure uses 27 MHz Radio Frequency. The Apilus takes hair removal to a whole new level with its fast treatment times, minimal discomfort and superior results. If you’ve had a bad experience with older Electrolysis machines you can try a small 5 mins sessions to assess if this is the treatment for you, we are confident that you will be surprised with this updated version. The Apilus Platinum Pure send lots of controlled shots of energy down the hair follicle to kill off the cells that produce the new hairs. Once these cells are destroyed, no new hair can grow in that particular hair follicle.

Electrolysis has been shown to be permanent in over a century of use. Its permanency has been well recognised by knowledgeable physicians and is also testified to by hundreds of scientific articles published in the medical literature. Because electrolysis is a permanent procedure, it is important you are sure about the treatment before you have it.

Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis Machine

Key Facts:

  • Used in various forms since 1875!
  • Over 125 years of clinically proven safety and effectiveness.
  • First used by the medical profession and remains the tried and trusted form of permanent hair removal
  • Three modalities or types of electrolysis: Short wave diathermy, Galvanic and the most effective Blend Method

A fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle where a small amount of current is discharged at the root of the hair where it receives its nourishment. By repeatedly treating the hair in this way the hair is unable to grow back. This is a highly skilled procedure and the competent Electrologist has undergone thorough training in all of the practical and theoretical aspects of the subject.

When compared to the prices of other health and beauty-care services and the cost of dealing with excessive hair using temporary means, electrolysis in most cases, is very affordable. Remember, the problem is being dealt with permanently and not just on a short-term basis. Excessive, undesired hair growth is not gender biased; men often seek electrolysis treatments to remove unwanted hair from a variety of areas. Brow, beard and ear grooming as well as body work are all common areas that men have treated.

If starting from scratch, you should be prepared to make regular appointments (every 2 weeks) over the course of 18 months to 2 years for most areas of the face or body. You will not need to attend so often towards the end, just a few short appointments to clear up any stragglers. If you cannot attend very often, or you pluck or wax during your treatment then it will take longer. However, even if you stop electrolysis halfway through you can pick up where you left off anytime, as the electrolysis you have already had will still have destroyed many hairs.

Hair Removal

(Electrolysis with the Apilus Platinum Pure.)

As specialists in Hair Removal each of our Nurses and aestheticians have undergone specialist training to ensure that Hair Removal is safe, fast and very effective.

Excess hair can be distressing and the causes numerous. Our nurses and aestheticians have specialist training in transgendered work and are happy to treat clients who are embarking on this often long and life changing journey. We also have experience of treating hirsutism as a result of Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS) and can offer advice regarding hair removal and long-term management.

There are many reasons why excess hair becomes a problem – most of which we have dealt with over the years. If you are concerned and wish to discuss the problem with one of our nurses or aestheticians – in confidence – please call and we will ensure that a nurse or aestheticians calls you back at a mutually convenient time. At The Laser Clinic we realise that not everybody is a suitable candidate for Laser Hair Removal so as part of our dedication to specialising in this area, we are able to offer Electrolysis for permanent hair removal.

We have specialised in hair removal for many years and have witnessed first-hand the change it can make to peoples’ lives. As Nurses and aestheticians, we respect your privacy and dignity at all times, and we can assure you of our professionalism.

Please note that the cost of Electrolysis is based on the time required for your treatment. This will be discussed and agreed at your free Consultation.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) & Skin Imperfections

ACP – Advanced Cosmetic Procedures using Apilus Platinum Pure Electrolysis for removal of skin blemishes & Imperfections.

ACP treatments using electrolysis are becoming increasingly popular as knowledge about these fantastic treatments increases. A wide diversity of skin blemishes can be quickly and easily treated with effective results offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin.

The main skin blemishes that we treat:
Skin Imperfections

Skin Tags
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra
Seborrhoeic Keratosis
Spider Naevi
Thread Veins/ Red Veins
Blood Spots/ Campbell De Morgan.

Consultations are free of charge, Call us today!

As far back as the early 1900’s electrolysis was being used for the treatment of port-wine marks, broken capillaries, spider naevi, warts, and even xanthelasma (yellow pigmented spots or plates found on the eyelids). Today it has progressed a long way and with ongoing improvements and modern technology, it is safe, comfortable and effective way of removing skin blemishes. A wide variety of skin blemishes can be quickly treated with immediate and effective results offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin.

What happens during the treatment?

The tip of the finest probe (about the size of an eyelash) is introduced along the line of the capillary and a tiny energy current is discharged. This ‘dries up’ and destroys the vessel which often disappears as it is being treated. Further treatments may be necessary depending on the severity of the problem. In the case of skin tags the current destroys the vessels ‘feeding’ the blemish ‘starving’ it of nourishment resulting in its eventual demise.

Our team are trained in Advanced Cosmetic Procedures and can treat many skin imperfections using Advanced Electrolysis.

Campbell De Morgan (Blood Spots)

Electrolysis is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of treating Blood spots. Also known as Campbell De Morgans or Cherry Angiomas they are bright red spots, on the skin and appear flat raised or dome shaped. They are shiny and red and can vary from the size of a pin head to a 50 pence piece.
A small probe will touch the surface of the skin, a slight burst of energy is expelled, and a small stinging sensation may be experienced. Large Campbell de Morgans can be stubborn, and more than one treatment is sometimes required.


Moles are common small blemishes on the skin which usually appear in the first few decades of life in almost everyone with the average young adult having up to 25 moles. Moles vary in size and colour and often develop terminal hairs due to their well-developed vascular blood supply. Electrolysis is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of visibly reducing the appearance of totally healthy moles and is deployed only for sound reasons such as cosmetic, physiological or physical purposes. No excision is made and nothing is sent away for investigation. If there is any cause for concern over the mole then electrolysis treatment is not recommended and will not proceed and you are advised to seek medical expertise.
High-frequency radio waves are emitted to target the specific individual mole. Cells are composed of 80% liquid and exposure to high-frequency radio waves causes this to evaporate. The tip of a small probe is tapped over the surface of the mole and a small stinging sensation and heat is experienced


Milia are tiny white lipid-epithelium plugs. Their exact cause is unknown although they are often related to diet with a high cholesterol count, excessive Vitamin C, a too rich moisturising cream and also associated with dry skin which can be acidic. They contain keratin and sometimes get quite hard. They lay very superficially under the skin and are very easy to treat with Advanced Electrolysis techniques.

Treatment involves using advanced electrolysis and treating the Milia individually with the finest sterile probe. The treatment is pain free although the area may appear a little red for an hour or two following treatment. The milia will dry up and disappear in the next few days. It is advised to apply Sterex Aloe Vera gel twice daily to the area, which promotes healing and helps prevent infection.

Spider Naevi

Spider Naevi is a central dilated blood vessel, with smaller capillaries radiating from it like the legs of a spider. Spider Naevi may be found on areas such the face, neck, upper part of the trunk and arms. Electrolysis is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of treatment.
The cause of Spider Naevi can be related to physical trauma in the area, hormonal influences, pregnancy, the contraception pill and lifestyle and hereditary.
A small probe (about the size of an eyelash) will gently touch the surface of the skin, a slight burst of energy is expelled of a small sting may be experienced


Common Warts are firm, raised growths often with a rough, dry, crusty surface, which resembles a very small cauliflower or a solid blister. Rough to the touch, common warts may feature a pattern of tiny black dots, sometimes called seeds, which are small, clotted blood vessels. Electrolysis is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of treatment.
Common Warts are viral and contagious and usually found on the hands but can be spread to other areas of the body.

The energy is released over the whole surface area of the wart by the use of a small probe tapping on the affected area. The probe is then inserted a number of times into the Wart and the energy released. A stinging heat sensation may be experienced. Treatment is uncomfortable but highly effective. More than one treatment is often required.


Electrolysis is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of treating verrucae which can develop on the soles of the feet. A verruca starts as a tiny pink area speckled with black dots but can become dark with a rough crumbly layer of skin with a ‘pepper pot’ appearance. Verrucae vary in size from a pin head to a large mosaic verruca covering whole sections of the sole and can be extremely painful and resilient to methods of removal.

Verrucae are viral and highly contagious. Socks, shoes and towels used should be kept non-contaminated and for individual use only.

The energy is released over the whole surface area of the verruca by the use of a small probe tapping over the affected area and a slight stinging sensation will be experienced. The probe is then inserted a number of times into the verruca and a sensation will be experienced. Treatment is a little uncomfortable but highly effective although more than 1 treatment is almost always required.

Prior to Verruca treatment a Foot Health Care Check with our podiatrist is recommend before treatment.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

This is a common disorder which develops in adolescence on black skin and is identified by smooth, dome shaped, brown to black papules seen mainly on the cheeks, neck and upper chest. Simple to remove – a patch test is required prior to treatment.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis

A Seborrhoeic Keratosis has a rough, dry, crusty surface, and range in colour from light brown to mid brown to almost black. Electrolysis is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of treatment.
Seborrhoeic Keratosis or Senile Warts occur most often on the trunk of the body, but they are also common on the head and neck and can be individual or numerous. Cause is natural ageing, sun damage and hereditary reasons.
The tip of a small probe (about the size of an eyelash) will touch the skin. A small burst of heat will be felt as the Seborrhoeic Keratosis is removed.

Skin Tags

Skin Tags are very common and most frequently found on the neck and face. They often appear with a neck like a mushroom and vary in size from a tiny speck, smaller than a grain of uncooked rice, to the size of a large pea or even larger. They are often found in areas of friction such as the underarm, under the breasts or around the neck where necklaces may irritate.

Treatment involves using advanced electrolysis and treating the skin tag with a fine sterile probe whilst carefully avoiding ‘good’ skin. The tag will change in colour and will drop off in the next few days or may require a further treatment a few weeks later. No incisions or stitches are necessary and the area should heal completely within 2 days to 3 weeks maximum.

Facial Thread Veins

These are not broken capillaries but rather permanently dilated capillaries. They have very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict. As we age, these vessels lose their elasticity and can become permanently dilated. There are numerous causes including: ageing, hereditary, pregnancy, the rubbing of spectacles, smoking, energetic sports, temperature extremes and harsh weather exposure, hormones and skin fragility. They are commonly seen in a maturing ‘English Rose’ complexion.

Treatment usually requires between one and five treatments.


Electrolysis is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of treating Xanthelasma which are deposits of fatty materials, under the surface of the skin ranging in size from very small to more than an inch in diameter.
The exact cause of Xanthelasma is unknown. It is typically associated with an elevated cholesterol level. Xanthelasma may appear anywhere on the body but is most commonly seen on the eyelids. Treatment with electrolysis can visibly reduce the raised appearance although the colour remains unaffected.
A small probe will touch the surface of the skin, energy is released, and a slight stinging sensation will be experienced. Xanthelasma may require more than one treatment and ongoing treatment is required.

Please be aware that if we have any cause for concern for a skin blemish then we may refer you to your GP.

As always the cost of removing/treating Skin Imperfections is based on the time required for your treatment. We have provided some very realistic price expectation, however, the price may vary based on Size, Location, Severity, and Treatment options, this will be discussed and agreed at your free Consultation.

Podiatry / Chiropody

Podiatry is the modern term for chiropody. Podiatrists are highly skilled health professionals who have been trained to assess, diagnose, prevent, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. They keep people mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections.

Podiatrists can also help with general foot concerns like cutting and filing toe nails, removing cuticles and dry skin.

Common problems a podiatrist treats include:

  • Corns & Callus
  • Verrucae (Warts)
  • Foot, Ankle & Knee Pain
  • Thickened nails
  • Fungal Nails & Athletes Foot
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ingrowing Toe Nails
Our podiatrist, Michelle Winslow, is fully qualified with a BSc (Hons) in Podiatry.

Facials & Beauty Treatments

We tailor our facials to meet your specific skin needs. Whether it be for problem areas or relax, we have the facial for you.

Skin consultations are free of charge to discuss your skin concerns and to give you a personalised plan.
We use a specialist Dermaco machine with different attachments to give you the best treatment for you.

Our facials are priced by the time required for the level you chose:

Jan Marini Skin Management:

Jan Marini Skin Management System is a five-step program. It includes:

Step 1 – Bioglycolic® Face Cleanser

A daily cleanser gently cleans and exfoliates the skin.

Step 2 – C-ESTA® Serum

Lift, firm and tighten the appearance of facial contours with this exceptional, antioxidant cocktail featuring Vitamin C and DMAE for powerful free-radical protection.

Step 3 – Bioclear® Lotion

All’s clear with Bioclear! A powerful combination of glycolic, salicylic and azelaic acid provide a broad-range of benefits for dramatically smoother, clearer, more luminous looking skin.

Step 4 – Transformation Face Cream

Go beyond simple hydration with this luxurious, patented growth factor, peptide and antioxidant solution! The ultimate in advanced hydrators to reduce the appearance of aging and damaged skin.

Step 5 – Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 33

The ultimate in wearability! This fan favorite combines water-resistant, broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection with oil control and advanced hydration for the skin.

Cleanse – Rejuvenate – Resurface – Hydrate – Protect.

Jan Marini Skin Care Management System Starter Pack – £166

Award Winning Skin Care System

Experience dramatic transformation with The Skin Care Management System™ and see first-hand why it has been voted “The Best Skin Care System” eight consecutive years as part of NewBeauty Magazine’s Annual Beauty Choice Awards.

Book a Free Consultation with one of our skincare experts to discuss all your skin needs.

The different facial options are:

Diamond Microdermabrasion:

Diamond MicrodermabrasionThis is an exfoliating treatment. It is very gentle and relaxing. Diamond Microdermabrasion is basically a safe and intense exfoliation for the face, it removes unwanted dead skin and promotes fresh skin growth. Your skin should naturally shed dead skin, but this process can sometimes be too slow causing a build-up of dead, dry skin. When this occurs, it is hard to moisturise the skin because and product will just sit on the built up dead skin. When this dead skin is removed, any serums or creams put on the skin will soak into the skin instead of sitting on top of the skin. This will give the skin a fresher appearance and smoother feel.



This helps push product down to the lower levels of skin, where it needs to be, to be of any help to the skin. Ultrasound is great for moisturising the skin. It works best when teamed with Diamond Microdermabrasion. This will hydrate the skin. Hydrated skin looks younger and better than dehydrated skin, so a good facial can truly be anti-aging.

Microcurrent (non-surgical facelift):

Microcurrent is also known as a non-surgical facelift. Overtime our skin on the face starts to sag and fine lines and wrinkle appear, this is due to our facial muscles becoming lazy overtime and gravity pulling everything down. Microcurrent uses a low electrical current to retrain the muscles and lift them back up where they should be, and the skin along with it. This will reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck and give a lifting effect. People with specific problem areas (ie sagging of the jowls) will get the best results with a 15mins TLC Skin & Tonic Flash treatment once a week for 12 weeks and then topping up the results once a month.

Eyelash Extensions & Beauty Tints


A simple eyebrow shape and tint can easily complete your look.
A good eyebrow shape/ tidy can complement your eyes and even fake the appearance of a ‘perfect’ oval face shape.
An eyebrow tint will define your brows by giving the hairs an even colour. The tint will also pick up and colour the finer hairs to help even sparse eyebrows look more defined.
*A tint test is required 48hours+ before tinting treatment (this is to ensure that you do not have a reaction to the tint.)
Treatment is advised every 4-6 weeks to ensure tidy and defined brows. Alternatively, you could have treatment before special occasions, for a different, enhanced look.

Lash tint:

An eyelash tint will darken the colour of your top and bottom eyelashes. This is means you do not have to apply mascara in the morning and still look like you have made an effort. An eyelash tint is perfect for holidays around the pool as it will not run down your face like mascara. It will mean you can look flawless without the hassle.
*A tint test is required 48hours+ before tinting treatment (this is to ensure that you do not have a reaction to the tint.)
Treatment is advised every 4-6 weeks to ensure dark eyelashes. Alternatively, you could have treatment before special occasions, for a different, enhanced look.