Laser Hair Removal

All Consultations are free of charge.
A Patch Test will be required prior to commencing any treatment.
On average a course of 6-8 treatments are recommended.
This is discussed at the consultation and is specific to individual requirements.
Note: if a gap of 6 months is left between treatments an additional Patch Test will be required.
Laser Hair Removal TreatmentCostNote:
Abdominals £85.00
Arms (Lower) £100.00
Arms (Underarms) £95.00
Arms (Whole) £180.00
Back £290.00
Back - Chest & Abdominals £500.00
Beard £175.00
Bikini £115.00
Bikini (Extended) £140.00
Face (Chin) £80.00
Face (Full & Neck) £180.00
Face (Lip & Chin) £100.00
Face (Upper Lip) £70.00
Fingers & Hands £80.00
Laser Patch Test £30.00
Legs (Lower) £180.00
Legs (Upper) £185.00
Legs (Whole) £295.00
Toes £80.00
All prices are PER TREATMENT. Other area prices are available upon request.